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“… a gloomy horrid Satanic character”, Welsh horror fiction, non-fiction and folklore

“Merthyr can show several remarkable edifices, though of a gloomy horrid Satanic character. There is the hall of the Iron […] from whence proceeds incessantly a thundering noise of hammers. Then there is an edifice at the foot of a mountain, half way up the side of which is a blasted forest and on the top an enormous crag. A truly wonderful edifice it is, such as Bos would have imagined had he wanted to paint the palace of Satan. […] I stood staring at the diabolical structure with my mouth open.”


Glyn Jones – The Water Music and Other Stories

This is the first full collection of Glyn Jones stories I’ve read. Previous to this, my only experience of Jones’ writing was the short story Jordan from the Peter Haining collection Great Welsh Fantasy Stories (a quick aside: this title is from the 2000 edition of the anthology, whereas the 1974 edition has the slightly more evocative title of The Magic Valley Travellers: Welsh Tales of Fantasy and Horror… but that’s for another post).