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Comics Plus – Library Edition

This may already be old news to some of you reading this, but I was really pleased to find that I could use my local library membership to create an account over at Comics Plus. It’s free to join using most UK library accounts, and you can borrow comics/graphic novels for seven days at a time. You can read whatever you’ve borrowed using the website’s web app, or you can use an Android or iPhone app if you want to keep them handy on your device. I only joined a few weeks ago and already I’ve earmarked dozens of comics I want to read.


Warren Ellis – Supergod

A friend from work recently turned me on to Warren Ellis’ Supergod series, released in 2009-2010. I am somewhat familiar with Ellis’ previous material, having read some of Transmetropolitan and The Authority quite a few years back, but this title sounded particularly interesting. 

Perry Bible Fellowship – Book World

From the Perry Bible Fellowship.

Kev Ferrara's Dead Rider

Kev Ferrara – Dead Rider

I found this collection of issues #1-4 of Ferrara’s Dead Rider on the Comics Plus: Library Edition page and immediately downloaded it. The story concerns the Dead Rider, a legendary undead cowboy who roams the old west in defiance of the country’s lawmen. Throughout the story, the Dead Rider battles a grotesque bog-witch who had previously cursed him with immortality. He seeks to finally destroy her and find peace.

Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows – Neonomicon

I had read many good things about the various Lovecraft-inspired comics and graphic novels currently available, and after reading a couple of great adaptions of The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath and The Shadow out of Time, I decided to borrow this from my local library. The paperback collection contains the two-issue The Courtyard and the four-issue Neonomicon.