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The Heaviness of the Morning


Abandoning Books

I’m currently about a third of the way through Daphne du Maurier’s 1980 collection, The Rendezvous. It’s a collection of her earlier stories, all of them seemingly imbued with a typical du-Maurieresque undercurrent of dread and paranoia. I was reading it alongside members of the Instagram “[Shirley] Jackson Collective” but I’ve decided to abandon the book for now.

Blog Update, October 2017

RIP XII We’re a month into the September-October RIP XII event and unfortunately I haven’t quite been able to get to everything that I’d put on my list here. From this list, I’ve managed to write about The Skull of the Marquis de Sade by Robert Bloch and Supergod by Warren Ellis. I’m in the […]

The Big City: Exploration, Anxiety and Deliberate Isolation

[Journal entry]

I’ve never been able to cope particularly well with being in a big city.

The Faces in the Trees

Efa, a quiet fair-haired and dark-eyed girl, was the only daughter of the village farmer. She sold the vegetables and the meats from her father’s farm at the county market every weekend, which was north of a barren field and a dark wood which led down into a deep valley. On Saturdays, Efa would fill her baskets with ham, carrots, lamb, milk and leeks. Then, she would leave her father and her village, step over the churchyard walls into the field and walk north along the path past the wood, towards the market.

RIP XII, September and October

I found the RIP (Readers Imbibing Peril) XII challenge over at Capricious Reader’s blog. It’s a reading challenge that’s been running for eleven years, and this year it’s hosted by Capricious Reader (above) and Estella’s Revenge. You can visit these links to sign up to the challenge by adding your blog address to the list of participants.

Darling Fascist Bully Boy (Poetry Will Find You)

A strange thing happened yesterday…