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Down the TBR Hole (Round One)

I really enjoyed Emma’s post (at The Terror of Knowing blog) about her Goodreads TBR list, and how she uses this particular method to try to cut unnecessary items from the list. You can check out the post here.


Comics Plus – Library Edition

This may already be old news to some of you reading this, but I was really pleased to find that I could use my local library membership to create an account over at Comics Plus. It’s free to join using most UK library accounts, and you can borrow comics/graphic novels for seven days at a time. You can read whatever you’ve borrowed using the website’s web app, or you can use an Android or iPhone app if you want to keep them handy on your device. I only joined a few weeks ago and already I’ve earmarked dozens of comics I want to read.

Diana Sudyka – Biophilia Hauntings

From the January 2016 edition of Poetry magazine. More of Sudyka’s work at

Perry Bible Fellowship – Book World

From the Perry Bible Fellowship.

2016 in Review

2016 has not been a good year. The passing of several much-loved and respected artists and musicians (starting as early as December 2015 with the death of Lemmy) seems to have to engendered a general sense of gloom and sadness for many. Additionally, the stressful and ultimately depressing preparations and results of both the UK EU Referendum and the US Presidential Election has meant that many now feel as though they are being suffocated with a sense of alienation, paranoia and anxiety. Continued reports of racial hate crime in both the UK and US, as well as the seemingly increasing frequency of worldwide terror attacks and the tragedies involved in Aleppo’s very recent recapture has made for an extremely turbulent year for humanity.

Elie Wiesel (1928-2016)

“We were masters of nature, masters of the world. We had forgotten everything–death, fatigue, our natural needs. Stronger than cold or hunger, stronger than the shots and the desire to die, condemned and wandering, mere numbers, we were the only men on earth.”