My name is Rob, I’m 31 years old and I live in South Wales.

I love reading. I try to read as much as possible but this usually means that I can’t remember much about a book a few months after I’ve read it. Hopefully this blog will be useful in keeping track of (most of) the books I read. I don’t review everything I read here, for a few reasons, but mostly because I don’t have the time. Everything I read can be found on my Goodreads (link below).

I may sometimes use this place to write a little about non-book stuff: travel, mental health, movies and music, and whatever else fits.

I mostly read horror, history (local and Welsh history), folklore, sci-fi, beat and counter-culture, mystery, suspense, weird fiction, poetry, dark/transgressive literature, literary fiction, Welsh literature (poetry and Welsh writing in English), comics and graphic novels, and dystopian literature. I rarely read new fiction but I am always open to recommendations so please get in touch if you think there’s a title out there that I’d enjoy.

Aside from being an irredeemable bookworm, I have written, played and recorded music for many years in various bands (you can check out my music at the PUS bandcamp page and the Spider Kitten bandcamp page).

Thanks for reading. You can find me on Goodreads and Instagram.