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John Wyndham – The Day of the Triffids

This is only the second John Wyndham book I’ve ever read, the first being The Seeds of Time, which I read earlier this year. I enjoyed The Day of the Triffids a lot more than The Seeds of Time, and I was surprised at how subtly creepy I found certain sections of the text. One section, near the start of the novel, seemingly affected me so much that I had nightmares for three nights in a row about the same section (the first time Bill meets Josella).

Water’s Body

a river of bile has flowed for years, surging downwards for decades before my birth. coursing through pilots, miners and engineers, mechanics and musicians, and lapping against burned, empty homes, or reclaimed council houses, now devoid of any recessed face. there is a river in me: the collected forces of broken becks and upset creeks […]