“… a gloomy horrid Satanic character”, Welsh horror fiction, non-fiction and folklore

“Merthyr can show several remarkable edifices, though of a gloomy horrid Satanic character. There is the hall of the Iron […] from whence proceeds incessantly a thundering noise of hammers. Then there is an edifice at the foot of a mountain, half way up the side of which is a blasted forest and on the top an enormous crag.  A truly wonderful edifice it is, such as Bos would have imagined had he wanted to paint the palace of Satan. […] I stood staring at the diabolical structure with my mouth open.”

– George Borrow, Wild Wales (1862)

I recently wrote a short piece about Welsh horror in fiction, non-fiction and folklore for Book Bloggers International. You can find the post at the following link:

The Horror Fiction, Non-fiction and Folklore of South Wales.














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